Testimonials… Rave reviews… What others are saying about working with Beth…


“Beth incorporated meditation, music, and tea as well as a comfortable and safe meeting space. From Beth, I learned about co-dependency and the drama triangle through various experiential methods. I highly recommend Beth! She is positive and helpful which has helped me to become positive and hopeful. Working with her has made my life healthier and more functional. My time with her was instructive, therapeutic, inspiring, and just what I needed!”

-A Grateful Client



“Beth has such a calming energy. I feel like I met Beth at a time in my life when I really needed her. I really appreciate how good Beth is at validating my feelings without judgment. I can tell she genuinely cares about my well-being and is always respectful of my feelings without making me feel bad for having some of the scary thoughts that come along with postpartum depression (PPD). I struggled with postpartum depression (PPD) that went undiagnosed for over a year because I was being seen by a licensed counselor that did NOT specialize in PPD. Motherhood is tough on its own, but when compounded by PPD it becomes unbearable. Having a specialized counselor for PPD that also has the empathetic and mentoring qualities that Beth shows every day makes all the difference in the world. Beth makes it bearable during the tough times and she sticks with you until you reach the good times. Overall, with her counseling and advice I was able to pull myself out of a mental rut that I had been unable to escape from for over a year. Her counseling services are worth every penny.”

– A Postpartum Client



“Beth has a very supportive, but guiding approach to self-discovery. I realized that my previous experiences in life had trained me to seek out the appreciation and approval from others. I now accept that I am separate from what has happened to me. The time I spent in counseling with Beth was the most beneficial thing I have ever done for myself. I now have a much healthier view of my responsibility to myself, as well as the role of others in my life. If you are even considering counseling, then there is obviously an obstacle to your happiness. Beth can help you discover and tackle it!!”

A Program Client



“The most helpful aspect of counseling with Beth was learning about self-care. I learned that I’m really bad at it! It was a good lesson for me, though, because I’m taking better care of myself now. I hope that as I care for myself, I’ll be able to help others better. My experience with Beth was overall positive. I appreciated her genuine concern, and I found her to be easy to relate to. I also liked that she suggested practical applications. I understand grief better and the importance of letting myself grieve, even in situations where I typically feel like I need to stifle it, such as when family is visiting. In our couples work, together we learned to practice active listening, which is something I hope we will continue forever. We’re loving each other better by improving our listening skills. I encourage those considering working with Beth to meet with her to see whether working with her might be a good fit.”  -Wife  “I learned to practice active listening with my spouse. Beth normalized and explained that it is appropriate to set boundaries with people concerning our grieving process. Beth has a comforting voice, and provided reassurance that our behaviors were normal and healthy. In our couples work, there is a clearer degree of communication about our feelings. In considering working with Beth, I encourage you to be clear about the topics, issues and reasonable goals that you want to address.” -Husband

– A Grieving Couple