You recently gave birth or adopted a child

BUT don’t feel like yourself anymore…



Dear Mom:

  • Do you find yourself thinking, “When will I feel normal again?”
  • Do you wonder why you feel tearful and sad one minute while yelling and angry the next?
  • Do you wonder why you are fighting with your partner all the time?


I hear you. You desperately want to feel like a normal human being.


You are exhausted, worried, and overwhelmed. You want to enjoy motherhood with your child or new children.


Every mom has a unique journey. I am here to help you find yourself again because every mom deserves clarity and confidence.


As a Licensed Professional Counselor, I work with moms facing postpartum challenges (i.e. depression, anxiety, etc.).

  • Are you scared to death to tell someone because they might think you will harm yourself or your child?
  • Do you worry about your mood swings and how they might influence your child?
  • Haven’t slept well in a long time?
  • Questioning your parenting techniques?
  • Maybe you have tried medication or other remedies but they have not worked for you.
  • Do you have Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), Endometriosis, Thyroid Issues, or other related hormonal conditions that are impacting your postpartum symptoms?


If you’re experiencing any of this…it might feel exhausting, hopeless, lonely, angry, like no one can possibly understand what you’re going through.


I work with moms (alone or with their partner) to:

  • Lessen the huge emotional impact on this extremely difficult experience
  • Help you navigate the stress to lessen its impact on your mothering
  • Learn new coping and parenting skills to bring normalcy back
  • Make sure this experience doesn’t wreak havoc on your relationship with your partner (or your work, life, and friendships)


You can THRIVE. If you have been facing postpartum challenges and are feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and just can’t handle life anymore…please pick up the phone and call me at 910-689-4601 to set up a complementary Postpartum Strategy Session. At your session, we will talk about what is going on for you and I will give you some tools to improve your symptoms right away.


Until we meet,