Dear Ones…

It has been quite some time since I last blogged. I have been missing in action for several months. You might have been wondering…what happened?

Well, first, one of my hopes for the new year is to get the blog going again. I truly enjoy writing from my heart and have missed it over the months.

AND second…. Our family received some very exciting and time consuming news last year…NOT ONE, BUT TWO (2) foster sons! Brothers, currently ages 2 and 1. While she wrestles to share her mommy and daddy, Remy (our 4-year old biological daughter) is grateful every day for her new brothers.

We learned about “the boys” in May of last year, began to keep them on a regular basis in July and then they came into our custody full-time on October 3rd, 2016. While we are exhausted, challenged beyond our wildest imagination, and adjusting to this new transition, we are OVERJOYED to be adding more children (our hearts true desire) to our family. We hope to adopt them by the end of this year. As the adoption process continues and becomes more finalized, we will give updates and eventually post some pictures. Down the road, I am sure I will have some blogs to write about the process as well. So while I have missed blogging over the last several months, I have had good reason to be missing in action all this time.

What new transitions are you facing this year?

As I mentioned in the title, it is a new year. I know you know that. My family and I have many more big changes coming up this year in addition to our potential adoptions.

  • We will move to our bigger home just ½ mile down the road from our current home which also means I will be moving to my home office later in the year. Very excited!!
  • I will be learning much about the homeschool process as our daughter who turns five (5) years old in August begins this journey.
  • Finally, I will begin to embark on a new internship process with Onsite in Tennessee where I will eventually become a group leader on a contractual basis. Not to worry, we are not moving to Tennessee. I will go out there to work a few times a year. A real dream come true for me professionally.

So you might be wondering, what is my theme this year? Last year was Self-Care in Sixteen and the year before that… Fun in Fifteen.

Drum roll please…………. This year is “SIMPLICITY in Seventeen“.

I am asking myself these questions…how can I simplify my life, especially now with three young children? What can I take off of my plate? What is not serving me well?

It is time for you to reevaluate as well?

What do you need to say no to in order to create more space in your life to say yes?

How can you simplify your to-do list?

What drains and depletes your energy levels?

May we be refreshed, renewed, and relaxed this year as we seek and find our version of simplicity.


Until we talk…Beth


photo by Andrew Branch at Unsplash.