You have tried EVERYTHING

and you just can’t get pregnant…


Dear One-Trying-To-Get-Pregnant:

  • Do you wonder why you can’t get or stay pregnant?
  • Do you ask yourself, why is this happening to me? What is wrong?
  • Do you wonder why you take care of everyone else’s kids, but can’t have your own?

I get it. You are SO DONE! You have tried everything and nothing has worked.

I hear you. You desperately want a child and are willing to do ANYTHING to make that dream a reality.

You are tired of trying. You are desperately missing those children you lost in pregnancy.

Every woman has a unique path to follow. I am here to help you find your path because every woman deserves to become a mother.


As a Licensed Professional Counselor, I work with women facing infertility and pregnancy loss challenges.

  • Have you tried for years to get pregnant and it just is not happening?
  • Maybe you have tried medication, medical intervention, IVF, and other remedies or procedures yet they have not worked.
  • Have you been pregnant yet painfully lost your child in early or late pregnancy?
  • Do you have Poly-Cystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), Endometriosis, Thyroid Issues, or other related hormonal conditions that are impacting your fertility?

If you’re experiencing any of this…it might feel exhausting, devastating, hopeless, lonely, isolating, angry, like no one can possibly understand what you’re going through.


I work with women (alone or with their partner) to:

  • Lessen the huge emotional impact on these extremely difficult experiences
  • Help you navigate the stress to lessen its impact on your possibility of conceiving
  • Learn new coping skills to increase fertility
  • Make sure this process doesn’t wreak havoc on your relationship with your partner (or your work, life, and friendships)


You can THRIVE. If you have been facing infertility and pregnancy loss and are feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and reading to give up…please pick up the phone and call me at 910-689-4601 to set up a complementary Fertility Strategy Session. At your session, we will talk about what is going on with your infertility and I will give you some tools to start increasing your fertility right away.


Until we meet,