What do you mean…failed to write? Write what? You might be wondering.

I am just going to be real honest with you. My failure to write here on my blog over the last year is around my very own PERFECTIONISM. How many of you can relate to perfectionism getting in the way of your life? Does it keep you stuck like it can me?

I WANT TO WRITE…I really do. I have said that too many times to count and dreamed about writing for years. In fact, over the last several days and weeks, I have been waking up in the morning with this exciting and overwhelming desire to write. Just the thought of writing brings thrills and chills to me. I suspect God, my Higher Power, is nudging or better yet shouting loud and clear….’Beth, it’s time…let’s get your writing going here.’

I have put it off, made excuses, and just plain ignored that ‘call to write’. My barrier, Perfectionsim, gets me every….. single….. time. I want the perfect blog post title. You know that one that wins you over in the first crucial, attention grabbing sentence. Then I want the perfect words to say in the perfect way in the perfect order at just the perfect time. Ughhh..exhausting! What is perfection anyways? And if I actually achieved it, how would I even know? How would you know?

Now I have had my fair share of writing blocks over the last year…what writer hasn’t. Life, as I am sure you can relate, has not quite happened how I thought it might. I think of the song by the Rolling Stones “You Can’t Always Get What You Want….But If You Try Sometimes Well You Might Find…You Get What You Need.” This has been a theme in my life from day one. Yeah…go on over to You tube and listen to the song now…see what comes up for you, then come back and finishing reading. I do have a point to the story here.

Ok, so what is the point?

First, with it being a new year, I have a new goal I want to work on…writing. So I ask you…what do you want to work on this year? What can you glean and lean into in 2018? By the way, that is my theme for the year. And what do you see getting in your way of that? Is it perfectionism….fear….something else? To help me with my goal of writing this year, I have put some accountability in place. And oh boy that means I will have to tare  down that GIANT perfectionism wall in my life. YIKES! But I am ready to get unstuck. How about you? I have heard it said that change happens when the pain of remaining the same is bigger and greater than the pain of change. Ponder that for just a moment.

Secondly, in my goal of writing this year. I really seek to be real…letting my authentic self shine through in the words I write. So yes, you will be learning more about my story in all of it’s glorious failures and wins along the way.

Until the next post… What’s your MAGIC?


Photo by Dana Marin on Unsplash