What should I look for in a counselor?

You want to find someone who is a good fit for your particular situation. The key word is “Fit.” Fit will be determined by what you are looking for but it might include things such as level of comfort, feelings of ease and safety, and genuine positive regard. Finding the best fit determines whether counseling will be effective. You should always talk and ideally meet with the counselor you are considering before you decide on whom to work with. That is why I offer an initial Complimentary Strategy Session. During that time, I help you clarify your goals and give you some tools to begin to implement changes right away.


Do you recommend medications?

The choice in whether or not to use psychotropic medications is up to each individual. Professionally, I have observed that while medications can ease intense symptoms in the short term their long term usage doesn’t get to the root of the problem but acts more like a band aid. I do not prescribe medications myself and often see that counseling is more effective than medication on its own. While medications may help, without any other changes, one will either become dependent on the medication to maintain health or symptoms may reappear after discontinuing the medication.


Do you coordinate care with my doctor?

Yes! It can be incredibly supportive to your treatment to coordinate with doctors, midwives, and any other helping professionals who may be involved with your success. All you need to do is provide me with a release of information.


Can my husband/partner come to a session?

Absolutely! Having the support of your loved one during counseling can move treatment forward in significant ways. No matter how strained the relationship might be right now, spouses can be an integral part of one’s healing process. Their observations can shed light on your current situation. Sometimes a wife will tell me that they want all the counseling time to themselves; other times, wives really want their spouse in the counseling process with them. I will adapt my services to your needs.


Can I bring my child to our sessions?

Yes. Please bring your infant or child with you if you are not able to make other arrangements. I have toys in my office for your child to play with. There is also a waiting room that your child can use during your session. Feel free to bring a support person who can watch your child in the waiting room if necessary.


Do you accept insurance?

I work with all insurance companies except Medicaid, Medicare, and Tricare. We can talk more about what this looks like during your Complimentary Strategy Session.


Wait! I am not struggling with infertility, postpartum, and pregnancy or infant loss challenges, but I am curious about working with you.

I work with clients who are a good fit for my expertise. Call or email to see if you would be a good fit for a Complimentary Strategy Session. Definitely call me if you are struggling with anxiety, depression, or grief and loss issues. I offer experiential therapy, so if you are looking for a more creative approach to therapy with less talking, more experiencing, give me a call.


My lawyer told me to call you for an assessment…

Wonderful, glad you asked! I offer…

  • Non-DWI Alcohol & Drug Assessments
  • Anger Management Assessments
  • Mental Health Assessments

CLICK here for more information on the assessments I provide.


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