What should I look for in a counselor?

You want to find a credentialed and qualified therapist who is a good fit for your particular situation. The key word is “Fit.” Fit is determined by several factors and might include things such as level of comfort, feelings of ease and safety, and genuine positive regard. You will also want to find a counselor who is invested in their own personal work, because a counselor cannot take you therapeutically where they themselves have not ventured. Ideally, it is recommended that you talk and meet with the counselor you are considering before you decide on whom to work with. For that reason, I offer an initial Complimentary Strategy Session. This is typically done either by phone, video, or in-person if you are local. During that time, I help you clarify your goals and discuss your needs.


Do you recommend medications?

The choice in whether or not to use psychotropic medications is up to each individual. Generally speaking, I will support you in whatever choice you make around medication. Professionally, I have observed that while medications can ease intense symptoms in the short term their long term usage doesn’t get to the root of the problem but acts more like a band aid to cover the problem. I do not prescribe medications myself and often see that counseling is more effective than medication on its own. While medications may help, without any other changes, one will either become dependent on the medication to maintain health or symptoms may reappear after discontinuing the medication.


Do you coordinate care with my providers?

Yes! It can be incredibly supportive to your treatment to coordinate with doctors, your therapist, and any other helping professionals who may be involved with your success. All you need to do is provide me with a release of information.


Can my husband/partner come to an Intensive?

I do offer couples intensives for your relationship. However, you might decide during your individual intensive that you wish to have your partner join you at some point. Depending on your situation, this can be a consideration. I am flexible and can adapt my services to your needs.


Can I bring my child to the Intensive?

Intensives by nature are several hours long and not ideal for young children. The exception to the rule is if you are needing to do a family intensive that involves your children. Please feel free to call me for more information or questions you may have around this.


Do you accept insurance?

Insurance companies do not cover Intensives, unfortunately. If you are curious about my fee and payment methods, please feel free to call me to discuss your particular situation and/or set up your complimentary session.


Wait! I am struggling with something different than you have listed on your ‘Who I see‘ page, but I am curious about working with you.

Whatever your situation, please feel free to call me to discuss your needs. It never hurts to call and reach out for help. If I can’t help you for whatever reason, I will provide you with referral information to the best of my ability.